Storage facilities full

The withdrawal season is this year starting later than usual. Due to the requests of our customers, which were driven by warm weather and favorable commodity prices, we were injecting gas into underground storage facilities until the middle of November.

Now almost 29 TWh of natural gas is stored in underground gas storage facilities, it means all of our 6 storage facilities are completely full and ready for upcoming winter.

The injection season was this year a record long one. Injection started already in the middle of March and even though the gas was almost withdrawn after last winter, thanks to the fast injection we reached the level of filling as in years when 30% of the reserves remained in the underground gas storage facilities after the winter (in March this year it was only 12.5%). In comparison to other years, the injection in the spring was constant, there were no major daily fluctuations.

These days we are testing wells at individual facilities and the planned withdrawal is starting.

More detailed information on stored gas volumes is published on a daily basis here.