We are providing the following storage products and services in its virtual underground gas storage, an overview can be downloaded here.

  • Prices of our products and services you can find here.

  • Our contact list can be downloaded here.

Standard products

Firm Storage Capacity

Gas Storage CZ offers firm storage capacity in open tenders


Final price is based on SW spreads


Price is determined based on SW spreads (only at the day selected by Storage User)


Flexibility of decision after booking the capacity in auction

Additional Products

Daily Firm Capacity

Daily firm withdrawal and injection storage capacity is offered to our existing customers.

Interruptible capacity

Daily interruptible injection and withdrawal capacity is product offered to our existing customers.

Temporary Storage Volume

Buy additional temporary storage volume for a period defined by Storage Operator

Guaranteed Reverse Capacities

Possibility to use the injection and withdrawal capacities in the direction opposite


Transfer and Lease of Storage Capacity

We enable transfer and lease of contractual storage capacity.

Gas Transfer

Transfer can be done between two contracts of one Storage User or between two Storage Users.


We are providing data to ACER for our Virtual gas Storage Point

Secondary market

Electronic Bulletin Board and Secondary Auction

Observing preliminary nominations

Service enable customers to get a financial or other value for observing preliminary nominations

Merging of Contracts

Customers can merge its storage contracts into one account.

Planned Services

Gas Storage CZ continously offers new services for its customers. In case of interest in detailed information or in this service please contact us.

Benefits and Safety

  • The largest storage capacity in the Czech Republic (cca 2.7 billion cubic meters)

  • Dispatching services in CZ, EN and GE available 24/7

  • Maximal respect towards the environment

  • The broadest offer of additional services (transfer, lease, secondary sale of capacity, etc.)

  • Full compliance with GGPSSO which guarantees maximal transparency and non-discrimination

  • OBA regime

  • Connected to the transmission system of NET4GAS – a major East-West gas transport route in Europe

  • Continuous improvement of safety of storage facilities from the perspective of both their surroundings and our customers