Transfer and Lease of Storage Capacity

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Transfer/Lease fee


0,- CZK

We enable transfer and lease of contractual storage capacity up to the capacity and up to the period negotiated by the current customer in its storage agreement. Both transfer and assignment of storage capacity is possible only on the groundwork of an application submitted by both involved parties and with our consent.

Contract samples are available here.

Any transfer becomes effective upon execution of a new agreement on gas storage between our company and the new storage capacity user. The transfer can be made only effective from the first gas day of the gas month. Request for storage capacity transfer can be filed no later than 15 calendar days before the beginning of the gas month from which the transfer should be effective.

In the event of lease, the original entity remains the contractual party of our company, however the assignee of the capacity is able to place the nominations. Request for storage capacity assignment can be filed no later than 3 business days before the date from which the lease should be effective.

Request of the service is possible via our GSN Nomination Portal which is accessible by each customer.

Other conditions of transfer and lease of storage capacity are indicated in the Storage Code.


  • No fees

  • Optimization of the Storage contract portfolio