Platform for Secondary Market

We offer to our customers platform for transparent resellling of storage capacity / gas via:

  • Electronic Bulletin Board 

  • Auctions of Secondary Storage Capacity.

Bulletin Board

For our customers and for interested parties we have set up the Electronic Bulletin Board for the offers / demands for storage capacity or stored gas. The Electronic Bulletin Board is to serve to publish their bids or offers.

Insert Date


Storage Capacity

Time Period







How to place your bid or offer on the bulletin board

If you would like to have your bid or offer placed on the bulletin board send an email giving the following information:

  • company’s name and contact details (person, telephone and email) - we also offer the possibility of anonymous bids and offers without the publication of your contact details

  • demanded or offered storage capacity

  • time period concerned

Your bids and offers will be published on our website on the next working day (or as agreed).


The bulletin board may only be used for the intended purpose. Misuse is strictly prohibited. The board users are responsible for the contents of the published bid or offer and they may request RWE Gas Storage CZ to withdraw their notice at any time. RWE Gas Storage CZ is at no time liable for the correctness, truthfulness, update, completeness and quality of the information provided. Our company reserves the right to withdraw or not to publish the received bid or offer without substantiating it. There is no legal right to publication on the bulletin board. By setting up the electronic bulletin board or publishing a bid or offer on the bulletin board, iRWE Gas Storage CZ does not commit to any mediation or provision of transfer or lease of storage capacity in accordance with Article 7 of the Storage Code or any other activity or business matter towards any storage user and/or a party interested in acquiring storage capacity.

Auction of Secondary Storage Capacity

We will be happy to organize for our customers the auction for secondary storage capacity via our Auction system.

Date of auction

Offered capacity

Storage period

Indicative price

Other conditions








Product description

The secondary capacity auction (the “auction”) is designated for existing storage users interested in secondary sale of their booked storage capacity through electronic auction. Based on the result of the auction the storage operator does subsequent transfer or lease of the storage capacity the inviting party has booked in an gas storage facility.

The inviting party can offer either whole storage capacity he has booked in a gas storage facility or a part of such capacity in the form of a bundle or in the form of separate working gas volume, injection or withdrawal capacity. The inviting party can offer such storage capacity for a shorter period or also with a ratio of working gas volume, injection and withdrawal rates other that stated in his gas storage contract. Only the injection and withdrawal curves has to be left unchanged.

The auction takes place in our Auction system similarly to the auction process for available storage capacity offered directly by the storage operator. The conditions of each individual auction will be specified by agreement between us and the inviting party.


  • Different types of auctions

  • Environment of our Auction System

  • Our database of storage capacity bidders

  • Auction conditions defined by the Storage User

  • Optimization of the Storage User portfolio