Electornic Bulletin Board

For our customers and for interested parties we have set up the Electronic Bulletin Board for the offers / demands for storage capacity or gas. The Electronic Bulletin Board is to serve to publish their bids or offers.

There are currently no offers / bids for storage capacity / gas.

How to place your offer / bid

If you would like to palce bid or offer on the bulletin board send an e-mail with the following information:

  • company’s name and contact details (person, telephone and email)

    we also offer the possibility of anonymous bids and offers without the publication of your contact details

  • demanded or offered storage capacity / gas

  • time period concerned

Your bids and offers will be published on our website on the next working day (or as agreed).


Different Types of Auctions
descendin, ascending, etc.

Enviroment of Auction System GS CZ
user-friendly application

Database of Storage Users
dozens of registred companies

Custom Auction Conditions
starting price, period, etc

Optimatization of Storage Portfolio
reselling of part / whole capacity