FIST is a product based on the calculation of the final price for storage capacity on the basis of SW spreads that will be calculated for selected days during two periods P1 and P2. In the first period P1, these days are selected according to the decision of the customer (Storage User) for a static SW spread, in the second period P2 these days are selected by Storage Operator according to the current market SW spread. A premium is then added to each SW spread in the form of an add-on (D), which is the only subject of the auction. For all periods P1 and P2 a Minimum and Maximum price is defined.

For every Period P1 of every storage year, the Storage Operator sets a static SW spread in accordance with of auction terms and conditions. The SW spread remains in effect throughout the duration of all Periods P1 of the storage contract (basic static SW spread). The Storage User may use thus set spread to make Partial fixation on days selected at the Storage User's discretion. During Periods P2, Partial fixation will be made based on decision of the Storage Operator on thereby selected days.

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Fixation of capacity (or its part) when market conditions are suitable for Storage User

  • Period long enough to use best market conditions

  • Each Storage period can be priced differently

  • Fixing volume in advance while still using the relevant market conditions

  • Suitable mostly for traders

  • Great for long term storage


Flexibility of decision after booking the capacity in auction


Price is determined based on SW spreads (only at the day selected by Storage User)

GES / Green energy storage

Less emissions from gas storage