Book now, hedge later


The Option product allows the Storage User to fix the storage capacity (Storage Capacity Fixed) that has been reserved in auction during a given time period.

The Storage User may request the transfer of the reserved storage capacity to Fixed Storage Capacity in whole or in part, even repeatedly, but no later than by the date specified in the auction conditions and up to the amount of reserved storage capacity.

The option gives the Storage User the right to purchase storage capacity under the most favorable market conditions and possibility to make business decisions flexibly.


  • Low cost in case of unallocated capacity

  • Flexibility in decision when to allocate the volume, thus, catching the most convenient SW spread on the market

  • Advantages of the classic option

  • Suitable for traders and suppliers


Final price is based on SW spreads


Price is determined based on SW spreads (only at the day selected by Storage User)

GES / Green energy storage

Less emissions from gas storage