Temporary Storage Volume

Currently there is available temporary working gas volume according to the following table:

Available from

Available until



Other information

1 May 2024

30 June 2024

100 GWh

0.35 CZK/MWh/day

Existing as well as new customers of the company can buy additional temporary storage volume for a period defined by Storage Operator. Temporary storage volume is usually offered separately without the injection and withdrawal rates. The existing storage users can use fixed injection and withdrawal rates for gas injection or withdrawal to / from the storage facility guaranteed for them under their current gas storage contract (the additional working volume will be “added” to the current contract) or they can use permanently available interruptible injection or withdrawal rates and also available daily firm injection and withdrawal rates.

What is temporary storage volume?

Temporary storage volume serves as an additional storage volume for current and new customers. It is offered for periods defined by storage operator. The price for the provided temporary storage volume shall be paid by the storage user regardless of the level of use of the provided storage capacity, unless the Storage Operator and the Storage User agree otherwise.

Minimum order quantity is 100 MWh.

Minimum number of consecutive days is 7.

What are advantages and disadvantages?

The main advantage of temporary storage volume is its lower price compared to firm storage capacity and the possibility to order this additional volume with very short notice - only 3 working days ahead. The customer also specifies length of the period which can be as short as one week.

The main disadvantage is the limited time period when the additional volume is offered. This is defined by the storage operator and normally it spans from November / December till July / August next year. Under very specific conditions the storage operator has also possibility to shorten the contracted period with at least one month notice - however, the storage operator undertakes all possible mesures to avoid such action.

Who can benefit from temporary storage volume?

Temporary storage volume is designed for both new and existing storage users. Both, current and new users, can inject and withdraw gas via interruptible injection and withdrawal capacities and also via available daily firm injection and withdrawal rates. The advantage of these interruptible capacities lies particularly in their flexibility - a storage user itself determines the duration, direction and rate according to its need. The price of the interruptible capacity is paid only for rates really used.

What is the duration of temporary storage volume contracts?

Start and length of a storage contract for temporary storage volume is defined by the customer based on its needs within limits of available capacity. Temporary storage volume can be ordered for a minimum period of one gas week. Sample framework contract for this capacity is here.

How to order daily firm storage capacity?

If you are interested in this type of capacity, please contact us.


  • Possibility to add additional injection/withdrawal rates

  • Usually lower price than storage volume in SBU

  • Possibility to set the contract duration

  • Can be ordered for any period (7 days minimum)

  • Contracts without injection/withdrawal rates up to a maximum volume of 50 GW per year can be merged with contracts with injection and withdrawal rates