Gas Transfer

Gas transfer is since 1.5.2017 subject of charge of 0.5 CZK/MWh. Minimum price for transfer is 5 thousand CZK, maximum price is 500 thousand CZK. The price does not apply to gas transfers from terminating contracts, where the transfers are made free of charge when transferring between contracts of one customer

We also allow gas transfer up to the volume of gas inscribed on storage user account. Transfer can be realized between two contracts of one storage user or between two storage users. Transfer of gas between two storage users is possible only on the groundwork of an application submitted by both involved parties and with RWE Gas Storage CZ consent. The fee will be always charged to the original subject.

Request for the gas transfer must be submitted via our GSN nomination portal which is accessible for all customers. The transfer of gas from terminating contracts within the contracts of one customer is entered on 1.4. (with a contract valid until 31.3.), our team can then reconcile the gas balance.

Other conditions of storage capacity and gas transfer and lease are indicated in Article 6 of the Storage Code.


  • Possibility to quickly purchase gas in storage

  • Sale of surplus gas

  • Optimization of the Storage contract portfolio

  • Gas transfer at one customer's account on the expiring contract free of charge