Gas Storage Facilities Ready for Winter

Thanks to innogy, the Czech Republic has stored one third of its annual gas consumption.

In winter, the reservoirs cover up to half of the daily natural gas consumption for Czech households and companies.

All six innogy Gas Storage underground natural gas storage facilities are ready for the winter. Today they are 100 percent full. The total storage capacity is 28.7 TWh, which represents about a third of gas consumption in the Czech Republic. "The gas infrastructure of the innogy group in the Czech Republic is fully prepared for the beginning of the 2019/2020 heating season. Thanks to gas storage facilities, as every year, millions of households can rely on gas heating in the winter, ”said Lubor Veleba, CEO of innogy Gas Storage.

The importance of gas storage facilities for ensuring reliable supplies to Czech households and companies is absolutely crucial, especially in winter. "On frosty days, the storages cover more than half of the gas supply for the entire Czech Republic," adds Lubor Veleba. "

Ensuring reliable and safe operation of underground storage facilities is a crucial element for gas storage field. "This is an unique technology that requires maximum and very professional care. Every year, therefore, we invest tens of millions of crowns in the reliability and safety of storage facilities, ”explains Lubor Veleba.

innogy Gas Storage is the largest operator of underground gas storage facilities in the Czech Republic. The company operates a total of six underground storage facilities with a total storage capacity of 28.7 TWh. In the Czech Republic, it is a unique cavernous reservoir in Háje in the Příbram region, as well as the Dolní Dunajovice and Tvrdonice reservoirs in southern Moravia and Štramberk, Lobodice and Třanovice in northern Moravia. innogy Gas Storage can extract up to 422 GWh of natural gas per day from underground storage facilities in the winter, which is almost two thirds of the country's peak consumption.

Following the approval of the transaction between RWE and E.ON by the European Commission, innogy Gas Storage is preparing for the transition to the ownership structure of the RWE Group, which will take place during the next year. This is related to the exchange of renewable energy activities, which will be transferred to RWE. The company continues to focus on ensuring security of natural gas supply in the Czech Republic.