Cold weather returned storage facilites of Gas Storage CZ to withdrawal regime

  • We are currently withdrawing up to 9 million cubic meters of gas daily

  • Storage levels remain high, at more than 58 percent of total capacity

After the cold weather in recent days, storage facilities of GS CZ have returned to withdrawal regime, with daily witdrawal around 9 mcm of gas, according to demand of our customers. The storage facilities are thus ready to respond flexibly to customer demands and to withdraw natural gas even when they were already fully prepared for the injection in the past weeks. It is the company's portfolio of six independent storage facilities with total gas supply per virtual point that enables this flexibility. Changes from injection to withdrawal and vice versa can be more easily implemented without restrictions for customers.

  • The past withdrawal season 2023/2024: Slowly and without fluctuations

The past withdrawal season started in the middle of November, and withrawal was slow without major fluctuations, with the highest daily nominations exceeding 25 mcm on the coldest days.

For the third consecutive year, we also saw physical injection towards the turn of the calendar year due to warm weather and falling gas prices. Operationally, we did not experience any major technical problems.

Despite the current weather fluctuations, Gas Storage CZ has a high quantity of gas stored. Our storage facilities are 58% full. This is a record filling level at the end of the withdrawal season, reflecting the mild winter and the state of international commodity markets. The high end-of-winter stock levels will facilitate the achievement of filling levels for security of supply.